Thursday, October 17, 2013

My brain injury

I'm doing this on my phone, so it might not read normal thanks to good 'ole auto correct.

Here's my update for the last three months. On August 22nd, we were playing kickball at work, and I tripped between 2nd and 3rd base. I landed on my face/skull.

To make a super long story short, when I fell I hit my head so hard, I caused/made a subdural hematoma in my brain. (Bleeding between the layers of the brain.)

I can honestly say this is the worst thing I've gone through in my life. I'm forgetting words I've said my whole life, stuttering on words, have words I just literally and physically cannot say. My balance is super off, and I've been doing physical therapy for balance which is helping I think, but so brutal on feet it's making my Planterfasciitis come back. I use a crutch for safety. It was supposed to be a 4 prong cane, but they were out of those. Today I got a handicap placard for driving, which I'm only supposed to do if necessary.

Oh yes, have I mentioned my head hurts?  It's like no other headaches or migraines I've had before.  I haven't been to work since then, and as of right now, my go back to work date is November 6th. I'm scared.

Plus, this whole thing makes me not have an appetite, and I'm gaining weight from it. Even better.

I feel I need a break from life. The worst part is I'm actually not complaining. Just stating facts.

 Other than all that I'm doing ok, and hoping that my work doesn't fire me because this has all been done under workers comp.  I know that legally they can't, but they can sure start looking for reasons.

Just ready to resume real life again, and be done with all this!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

My 3 Stripling Warriors

So on the 24th of July Parade, our boys got to participate in the 2000 Stripling Warriors March.  It was so cool.  So the Relief Society cut out all of their costumes.  And they were all given a staff to decorate if they would like.  Of course my boys loved that part and went to Hobby Lobby and picked out all things gross like furs and feathers and covered my house in floating fur and bits of feathers.  Our stake said all young men ages 12 to 25 could march.  Javie didn't quite make the cut-off but I guess our Young Mens leader had a hard time saying no when he asked him. Haha, Javie should be a lawyer when he grows up, he is quite the little persuasive artist.  (alas his mom's dreams for him are going up in flames, he wants to be a stunt double or a trapeze artist).  Anyway, it went down like this.  There were two men on horses that were dressed like Nephites that were leading them.  One of them carried The Title of Liberty up front for everybody to see.  Then there were 2 city blocks completely full of marching young men.  It was crazy.  They had a huge speaker in the middle of them playing We are as the Armies of Helaman song.  Then all the boys sang along with it and did some sort of staff stomp at the end of the song each time.  Dax said everytime he looked at the crowd there were cameras everywhere he looked.  He said he never looked up once without seeing one.  He also said there people crying everywhere.  Well I thought it was pretty cool and it would be sweet to see, but I did not expect to be so overwhelmed with the Spirit.  I was bawling like a little girl.  I looked over and there was Trita with her head in her hands just sobbing.  I think it touched a lot of people.  So crazy to see so many valiant young men and think back to how the moms must have felt back then.  Crazy and unexpectedly cool experience for the Davis triplets.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

We Got Ourselves a Family Pic!

hey heeeyyyyy! so i was playing around in Photoshop and added our two missing family members to one of our family pics. whether they like it or not. wahaha they are now stuck in the pic! this happened to be the best one to use because the space was easier for me to manipulate(not that you care about that..ha). but i think it turned out okay. especially for it being my first time cropping someone in(or two)! ha ha. don't look too closely or you will see josh's head looks a little too big. at least kevin keeps leaning over my shoulder and telling me that. but i'm too tired and lazy right now to correct it. 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Happy Birthday MILES!!
Hope you had a fun day!!
Love ya!
DUSTIN, Alissa, Dresden, ATHEN, BrI, and Brit :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Happy Birthday Mas!!
Have a fun day!
Dustin, Alissa, Dresden, Athen, Brie, & Brit

Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Grey!!!

Alissa, Dustin, Dresden, Athen, Brientz, and Brityn

Saturday, January 5, 2013

This is the new entry table Josh made for Christmas.  It is really awesome and I love it.  Casey's "Welcome Sign" is to the left.
Josh helped me put up the rod for my pictures and I got Bronx's picture yesterday to add to it.  I think it turned out pretty cute.